I'm back

This Christmas, I set a goal of writing one blog post every day in 2019.


I want to use writing to improve learning. Running a business means that I always have something that's more "urgent" or "important". Learning has been pushed down the list under the "nice but can wait till later" category. I want to do better in 2019.

I also want to improve my communication skill. I've been mostly working solo in the last three years. Now that I've built a team around myself, communication becomes more important than getting things done by myself. I'm hoping to use writing to solidify my thinking as well as documenting the stories while they are still fresh and raw.

Lastly, I feel I do have something to share with the world. My story is hardly unique, but I hope that someone somewhere will find these posts helpful, encouraging, or even inspirational.

So here we go.

PS. On the tactical side, I just replaced the old Jekyll site with this Pelican installation.

Jekyll seems to be going strong with GitHub's support. I just couldn't make it work again. I was on Ruby 1.9 and now the latest is 2.5. Packages become obsolete. gem update broke.

Since I know Python better, it makes sense for me to migrate to a python based site generator and hopefully maintaining the site will be better in the long run.

I've also stripped the website to its bare bone. It's just a bunch of markdown files with a minimum css. Creating a new post is as simple as creating a new .md file and publishing it is make rsync_upload.