Hello 2019

Waking up this morning, I felt energised. There was a strong sense of excitement1 in the air. The kind I felt when I was about to embark on a new and unknown journey. It was the same excitement when I boarded a two-day train ride to go to a university that's 2000km away. Or when Zephyr and I decided to leave China and spend a year travelling when I turned 30.

I'm energised by the new leverages I have. In 2019, I will have a team and a modest amount of capital I get to use. I finally have the resources to execute the plans. It'll be so much fun to work closely with a team again, especially when their experiences and career paths are so diverse. The last two years has been a slow burn. I could see that I had hit a plateau. I was running at full throttle, but life stayed in the same place. The more the business grew, the more tasks I needed to do, the less concentration time I have, the less I learned and the less productive I became. It was a draining experience that I'm glad it's over.

I'm energised by the product I will work on. I have been in and out the personal photo space for 12 years now. I feel I have learned a tremendous amount, not only on the technology side of what's possible but also a deeper understanding of the human emotional needs photo print products fulfil. With the rest of the business in capable hands, I will finally have the space to explore the problem domain again and give it my best shot. To build something I'd be proud of2.

I'm also energised by the opportunities for personal growth. I used to spend most of my time playing with different technologies and under-developed my social and interpersonal skills. So in 2019, I'm looking forward to learning from the amazing people I work with. Of their expertise. And how they communicate. I can't wait to read a long list of books that'll certainly broaden my horizon. And lastly, I am looking forward to the daily meditation and blog post exercise.

So 2019, here we come.

  1. Yes, there was also a drop of pressure to perform, a pinch of anxity and a small touch of fear of failure. But the excitement surprised me as it was so vivid and so young. 

  2. Something that's so insanely great that it would make millions of families' lives better.