"Back for the long haul"

A lot have happened between my last post in Apr, 2014 and now. Our daughter Mia was born in May and I started to work on a new startup happymoose.nz from August. Bootstraping a new baby and a company at the same time haven't been too cruisy. (Although honestly I've taken a easier job because Zephyr has done a lot to shield me from the waking up three times during the night business. )

So I am back at blogging again. The main driver is that I realised quite often I failed to provide a succinct and quick answer to many questions. I almost always have too many things I want to say and didn't know where to start. I'm hoping that writing will give me more chances to practice.

Another reason is that since Mia was born, time starts to get blurred into a continuous stream of work, cooking, baby and slep. (not always in that nice sequential order though). I lost track of interesting or important things in life. I'd like to use writing as a way to help myself to savor what has happened on that date.

I'll try to write one post every day and I'll keep it raw and unpolished. The world won't grind to a halt if I make a mistake in grammar or spelling. If what I write interests you, great. If not, no drama because this time, I write for myself.