Transient Faces

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Future usually unfolds itself bit-by-bit. And here is another crack.

I have long heard of the term "computational photography" where techniques like linear algebra could be used to transform one shape into another. But to see it in effect is still mind numbing. Checkout the following video where using open source software,  "people are removed from a space".  Think of surveillance devices. Think about using photo and video as evidences in court. We're truly living in an exciting time.

Transient Faces

Through a process of foreground subtraction, the project removes people from a space which otherwise would be difficult to capture empty. Using either time-lapse sequences, movie scenes, or live video as the content, users are able to watch as the people begin to fade away and the background is reconstructed. The video below shows the image as it is being processed.

via Jeff Howard @ ITP | Transient Faces.