Three ways to play monopoly

There are three ways to play the Monopoly game. The bootstrap way, the well-off way and the real way.

The bootstrap way starts by giving each player $50. All the money needed for the game mainly comes from the $200 salaries players draw after each round. The game progresses slowly. Quite often, The players might see a golden opportunity but don't have the capital to pursue. Luck played a significant role but everyone is more or less the same. Stakes are low so mistakes aren't lethal. This is a game of perseverence, best played with a strong sense of humor when bad luck strikes.

The well-off way begins with a grand total of $2000 or even $5000 inherited for each player. When capital isn't the constraint. The game moves ahead incredibly fast. Houses and hotels come up like mushrooms. Hundreds, if not thousands, dollar changing hands each night in the hotels. Since the land disappears within the first a few rounds, the game quickly turns into a strategic play. Negotiation and probability thinking play far more significant role. The game feels more intense with lots of social actions.

The real way is the least fun. Every one gets a different amount based on a lottery. The initial luck determines how much money each player starts with. If you are lucky, you get $5000; if you are the least fortunate, you get $50. The bigger the differences are, the less fun the game is. In fact, the game sucks for everyone. Poor and rich. A bonus point is that you can design the initial allocation based on a country's real wealth distribution. For example, play the "New Zealand in 1978" will give you a totally different feeling compared to "China in 2018".

The bootstrap way is best suited to play with friends on a snow day with the beef stew in the slow cooker. The well-off way is more fun and exciting to play with high IQ PE and investment bankers. The real way? I never managed to see any group finish it.