Navigating the Holey Plane

- culture

In advancing through modernity toward a digital, networked world, we have gained connectivity at the expense of continuity. Analog technology embodied continuity, and the very fabric of society was more continuous and whole before a variety of innovations enabled us to slice, separate, and otherwise reorganize our reality.


People who grow up in the Holey Plane tend to relate to their environments differently than their traditional urban predecessors. ... With a car, an iPhone, and a credit card, one can be right at home throughout much of a metropolis like Houston. ... The explosion of social media and smartphone apps epitomizes this shift, transforming countless aspects of city life, such as restaurant recommendations and dating, into more rationalized, algorithm-driven processes. After all, many of us have lived hyperconnected lives that are broken up by jump cuts across space and time, and we welcome any tool that can smooth our experience of a discontinuous world. Despite what he says, Mark Zuckerberg isn’t connecting that world—he’s just covering up the holes.

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