Mobile user retention rate per category and app revenue by source

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Flurry released a few blogs about mobile app statistics. Here are the ones that interest me the most.

User loyalty and retention rate per category. I is the best area to be since users there use the app more often and tend to stick around longer; III sucks as a category.  This provides a very useful way to "benchmark" your app to other similar apps and answer the question: is my average monthly user rate too low or it's just normal.

Majority of the mobile app revenue comes from premium and in-app-purchase.  Clearly advertising revenue makes up small percentage of the revenue. Although it's the "fastest growing revenue category".  You can also see that the size of the app market grows 80% from 5B to an estimated 9B.

Developer share of Android is slowly increasing against iOS. But Apple's iPad is a clearly dominator of the tablet market.

Last but not least, Android is "suffering" seriously from the platform fragmentation. Look at how many phones are still running the old gingerbread. It's also worrying that there is no clear leader in the device as well.