Gam Zou Letova

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The more I learn about Israel and its culture, the more I like it.

One concrete example is this kind of optimism after a total unfair treatment from a company whose motto is "Don't be Evil".

Now the interesting part. On my last day at Zlio, I had a long discussion with Jeremie, and despite the bad times, Jeremie was still very optimistic and even relieved I would say. Why? He told me his life’s theory, and it’s based on a Torah principle that I’ve been following ever since, and that has changed my life (yes really).

In hebrew we say “Gam Zou Letova”, that could be translated by : “Everything that happens in your life is for your own good”, or, “Every challenge makes you stronger”. You get the idea.

When Jeremie explained it to me, I had a hard time understanding this optimistic principle in such hard times in his professional life. All he said was, don’t worry, good things will happen after this tough experience.

This is the story about the screw-over.

For the little story, Zlio, became blacklisted/sandboxed by Google 6 months after…. It killed the company…

via » The email I received from Google in 2007 when they wanted to buy Zlio!