Four nice links about traction and quant based marketing

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Ran into a few posts about startup traction and the concept of quant based market. Thought it might benefit some readers of this blog. (If you haven't read my previous post of distribution channels, you should.)

  • Gabriel from DuckDuckGo has two nice articles on this topic.  "How to move the needle" talks about traction for different growth period and "Traction mistakes" lists 4 common mistakes people make. I have all four of them squarely.  This 50% time on product and 50% for traction parallel thinking is certainly the approach I'd take if I have a chance to do it again.   BTW, he is writing a book on this topic too. His co-author has a recent review on PG's "Startup = Growth" essay which echos what Gabriel has said.

  • Noah Kagan who did the original marketing work for has an interesting post on Quant Based Marketing.  The basic idea is pretty simple. List all potential channels of incoming attention and conversion rate from day-0. Then follow through the list.  Here is the spreadsheet for it. Worth a close look.