"Fish shell, TLS crash course, Peak smart phone and Google's suggestion on mobile site design'"

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Finally, a command line shell for the 90s: Fish is the shell I recently switched to from zsh. I am still running zsh side-by-side since I've got too many customisations there but fish's work-out-of-box is so refreshing and rather enjoyable compared to maintaining one's own oh-my-zsh forks.

Staying on top of TLS attacks: An awesome technical explaination on how https and TLS works. If you find ECDHE-RSA-RC4128-SHA a bit foreign or even intimadating, this post is for you.

Peak Smart Phone: What Happens to the App Economy When Smartphone Penetration Reaches 100%?: I am darn sure that we will never reach 100% but it is an interesting thought experiment. Here are the conclusions from the author:

When we do hit peak smart phone penetration, how might the app store dynamics change? It’s hard to know before it happens but here are a few thoughts.

  1. Limited demand for applications should increase the average cost per install. This will drive developers to pursue apps with increasing monetization to support higher costs of acquisition.
  2. We will have maturity in utility categories like email clients, phone clients, web browsers; some turnover in social networks; most turnover in games. Utilities tend to be downloaded by new users and infrequently replaced. But gamers swap out the next platformer as soon as they are bored.
  3. Decreasing attractiveness of the marginal smart phone user in terms of ARPUU. New smart phone users will increasingly live outside of the most developed markets.

Building Smartphone-Optimized Websites: Google's recommendation on how to optimize the website for mobile usage. In short, responsive design, using Vary HTTP header, annotate html header and sitemap as well as make sure the page load under one second.''