"Facebook's Huxley, looking inside Dropbox, short writing style guide and easy to be a jerk online"

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Facebook's Huxley: Huxley is a new approach to test UIs. Presentation layer tests are tedious to write and fragile to maintain. Huxley takes screenshots of each test run and compare them with previous results to find out what has changed.

Looking inside the (Drop) box: This paper presents a method to decrypt Dropbox's native app, bypass the two factor authentication and hijack Dropbox accounts. The key here is to inject Python code by overriding standard C functions like strlen.

Effective writing style PPT from WSU

While you might feel that this takes away some of the forcefulness of your writing, you should always feel that being correct is more important than being persuasive. (via @Bohr_research)

Most everyone can be a jerk online

1% of players are toxic, frequently acting badly; 78% of players are generally good. The graph on the right shows toxic behavior. And only 5% of toxic behavior comes from toxic people; 77% of it comes from people who are usually good.