Everyone else was busy reading ... their phones

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Today's NYTimes has an interesting article on magazine. It argues from a different perspective. Instead of the typical argue of value of creation vs. curation, it tells a story of the media itself. Here is the quote:

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you put on the cover of your magazine if no one will look at you. A few weeks ago, I was in a busy doctor’s office with a dozen others, absently paging through the magazines on the table. The table in front of us was stacked with the pride of American publishing, all manner of topics and fancy covers yelling for attention. Ever the intrepid media reporter, I looked up from scanning Bon Appétit to see what other people were interested in. A mother and a daughter were locked in conversation, but everyone else was busy reading — their phones.

Coincidentally, the recent data from the major internet service providers are on a very strong uprising:

Facebook: 102 million people accessed Facebook solely from mobile in June, a massive 23% increase over the 83 million mobile-only users in March. 18.7% of its 543 million monthly mobile users don’t even visit its desktop site.

eBay's mobile shoppers and mobile payers are 3 to 4 times more valuable than Web only. Mobile was a major contributor to eBay's Q2 growth with 600,000 new customers making their first purchase through eBay’s mobile apps.

Yelp. 10% of Yelp's monthly uniques access the service on mobile but account for a disproportionate 40% of Yelp's search query volume.

If your startup or company or product does not have a mobile aspect to it, I'd be worried.