Cookie clearing house, 80% full time management, Ads vs. Paywall and when to clap for the pilot

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How The Cookie Clearinghouse Works: Stanford Law school online privacy project. It provides a public "block list" and "allow list" to help internet users to stay clear from doggy cookies. Opera and Mozilla are on the board.

80% full

As Westerners, we believe in pushing up against the limits, and going over them: we’re pedal to the metal, giving 110%, and our amps go to 11. We max ourselves out in every facet of our lives: our finances, our relationships, our health, and our careers. ... The problem with being maxed out is you can’t deal with anything new. I couldn’t fit anything else in.

Making Money on the Web: Ads versus Paywall A rare glimpse into how much money a pro-blogger makes. Hint, not a lot. Ad supported:

I made on average $2,100 a month. My stats were 50,000 uniques and 150,000 page views a month with 8,200 subscribers.

After paywall and the $40/year membership fee:

So how many members do I have? Roughly 255 right now. Again, I don’t know if that is good or horrible. It amounts to a little less than $1,000 a month after fees and such. So less than half of what I was making before.

Will he keeps on having the paywall?

What I’ve learned is that the member base is very stable. That I barely gain new members each month, and likely if I want to up the membership I will need to talk about the membership more. Since putting up the paywall I’ve been able to stop caring about stats and money. All I focus on is writing and that’s way better. Yes there is a little bit of support, but far less than the work it took to fill RSS slots, or mentally think about keeping up page views to try and get better ad rates.

Timely gets investments from Ron: Best analogy on why cheering for raising capital isn't quite right.

It’s always slightly humorous to see people congratulated for raising capital. It’s like clapping the pilot of a plane for successfully refuelling before take-off.