"Classic music publishing, slow feed, iOS 7's content focus and a language called ATS. "

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The future of classical music: Where is classical music publishing headed now that the great works are available for free online? Two types of companies get to survive when the scores are free. Produce beautifully printed scholarly editions. Or do research to discover scores that weren't available.

The importance of serial media vs. sampled and Google Reader: Serial media has lower publishing frequency but higher quality. Sampled media is a fast flowing river one only dip into from time to time. RSS still plays an important role in the age of twitter and Facebook. You don’t want to miss an item just because you didn’t happen to do a reading session shortly after it was posted. These fare terribly in places like Twitter. The first comment worths a read too. (via: Rodney)

Been there, done that: A positive view on the new iOS 7 design. with major user interface changes such as Aqua or iOS 7, Apple has another tendency: they overshoot the mark. Also In the design of Twitterrific 5, we went through the process of figuring out what content was most important and then designing controls around that information. Previous designs focused on the control structure first and then filled it with content. It’s clear that Apple’s designers have done the same thing: their focus has shifted towards content. (via: rmi)

Replacing Python: Candidates: Evaluating ATS, C#, Go, Haskell, OCaml and Rust by rewriting a simple python app. I found the safety and diagnostics evaluation result quite surprising. (via: Manu)