"Alan Kay's reading list, List vs Grid, Window into our health and Experience the data"

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Alan Kay's reading list. I decided to read every book on this list. I'm half way through Mindstorm now. Will publish a book review when I finished it.

List Beats Grid: Linear Feeds Perform Two to Three Times Better Than Grids

List view is better for phones and smaller tablets because good type design implies a single column to achieve adequate font size and line length. Designing a magazine or card based grid for larger tablets or desktop is a lot of extra work for platforms that are not as rapidly growing in market share. We wondered if these grid layouts yield enough marginal performance gain on larger screens to offset the cost of building and maintaining them.

A list layout for all screen sizes is beneficial for us due to the dramatic simplification of design and engineering problems associated with our layout engine and the tangential benefits extending from this simplification. A list view is easier to make responsive on all screen sizes and provides a coherent experience across web and native apps on all devices.

Eyes: The Windows to Your Health

A doctor can find warning signs of high blood pressure, diabetes, and a whole range of other systemic health issues, just by examining your eyes. Ophthalmologist Neal Adams explains why the eye's tissues and blood vessels make such a good barometer for wellness. Sure there will be a Google Glass app for this? (Via: @Mike_McQueen)

The depth of the problem: A good data visualization provides a chance for the reader to really experience the data.