"A problem statement for the web, bootstrap's way of thinking, a password manager follows unix philosophy and rules on writing c/c++ shared libraries"

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The bomb in the garden: Matthew Butterick's summarization on the problems of the Internet. It helps me to tie a few thoughts together into a more coherent framework. The problem statement:"the web is much better at making information free than making it expensive". As a consequence, "We've ended up with a web dominated by advertising, which is weakening. ". We're seeing "a gradual degradation of design quality" and the real possibility of "the open web becomes a second-class platform". He did propose a solution, which is similar to what Tim Berners Lee said at World Economic Forum in Jan, that we need to make it really easy to pay for online content.

Bootstrap 3 Grid Introduction: I found bootstrap v3's "mobile first" approach a bit confusing. This article provides a short-but-solid description on what does it mean to be a "mobile first" grid system. Even if you were not using bootstrap v3, reading this would still bring a new perspective to stylesheet design in mobile age.

Pass: the standard Unix password manager: A great password manager that follows the Unix philosophy. It uses GPG to encrypt password files and uses git to track password changes.

Beautiful Native Libraries: Armin's suggestions on writing proper c/c++ shared libraries that "do not annoy your users". Loads of solid advises, but I hope I would never need to use them.