5 podcasts I subscribe to

Located at the bottom of the world, I was quite often asked how do I keep up with the latest development in the world. Well, a large proportion of those come from listening to the following podcasts on my way to work.  They are usually an hour long and provides opinions rather than just the news, which I can get from scanning through twitter, techmeme or hacker news.

So here you go:

  • Build and Analyze: Marco and Dan talk about industry news, iOS, Mac and web development. Their comments on latest news like the Twitter quadrant reveals a lots of thoughts that's quite fresh and unique. 

  • This week in Venture Capital: Mark Suster hosts this show with CEOs, established entrepreneurs, VCs and lawyers.  Different from the show above, the value of this one is less about the conversation itself since these are strictly on-the-record conversation.  I value the judgement call and value system they used to evaluate contemporary events. 

  • TheChangeLog: a pure programming show. The hosts Adam and Wynn are what you might call "cool kids in the heart of san francisco". So this is where I get to keep an update-to-date view on what the cool kids are doing.  It's Ruby on Rails and node.js heavy but also have good coverage of Erlang and Mac development.

  • IT Conversations: This is a network of many podcasts and conferences including Velocity, Web 2.0, OSCON, RailsConf. The content covered here are more high level and quite in-depth.  Different from the "change log" show, this one is less about hard core programming but more on how technology is used in different field. 

  • Manager Tools: Where I try to learn managing.  It provides a todo-list of tasks manager is expected to do. What I like about this show is the idea that management is not a challenging task. Rather, it's just repeating the same best practice. Sometime I do find the examples they're using to be a bit more related to traditional industry instead of software development.